TD Refrigeration


    Incorporated since April of 1990, TD Refrigeration is proudly owned and operated by David and Teresa Buford. As a family-owned business, we offer friendly and thorough service and are known for our top-notch quality control.

   David strives to make sure all jobs meet his tough standards and we expect only the best from our employees.

    David Buford; David started in the business in 1982 working for different wholesale companies learning parts and equipment. He eventually moved into maintenance with a service company where he learned a great deal about the industry.

    Teresa Buford; Teresa's organizational skills come natural to her. That is why we consider her the Super Glue at TD Refrigeration. With her background in business and personnel management, she naturally holds everything together.

  Because of David and Teresa's knowledge in both their professions, they felt the need to open their own company. TD Refrigeration was created from David and Teresa's desire to offer friendly and through service to their customers.

TD Refrigeration, Inc. - Dealer Food Service Equipment
1907 Claiborne Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71103
318 747-8844
318 226-1455 Fax.
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